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ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation (TOMACS) - Special issue on modeling and analysis of stochastic systems, Volume 8 Issue 2, April 1998

Elastic time
Sudhir Srinivasan, Paul F. Reynolds, Jr.
Pages: 103-139
DOI: 10.1145/280265.280267
We introduce a new class of synchronization protocols for parallel discrete event simulation, those based on near-perfect state information (NPSI). NPSI protocols are adaptive dynamically controlling the rate at which processes...

Statistical independence properties of inversive pseudorandom vectors over parts of the period
Frank Emmerich
Pages: 140-152
DOI: 10.1145/280265.280271
This article deals with the inversive method for generating uniform pseudorandom vectors. Statistical independence properties of the generated pseudorandom vector sequences over parts of the period are considered based on the discrete...

Using permutations in regenerative simulations to reduce variance
James M. Calvin, Marvin K. Nakayama
Pages: 153-193
DOI: 10.1145/280265.280273
We propose a new estimator for a large class of performance measures obtained from a regenerative simulation of a system having two distinct sequences of regeneration times. To construct our new estimator, we first generate a sample path of a fixed...

A new approach combining simulation and randomization for the analysis of large continuous time Markov chains
Peter Buchholz
Pages: 194-222
DOI: 10.1145/280265.280274
A new analysis method for continuous time Markov chains is introduced. The method combines, in some sense, simulation and numerical techniques for the analysis of large Markov chains. The basis of the new method is the description of a...